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Questions about your bill & Health Insurances coverage


The cost and duration of treatment is similar to other therapies offered in the local market, but provide a different type of individualized care and the opportunity to approach the source of your issues.



Our minimum fees are $150.00 per session. They can vary according to consideration for each particular case.


Fees for other services will be determined as required.


We accept cash, personal checks, Credit Cards, Venmo and Easy Pay.

Health Insurance:

We accept most PPO insurances as out-of-network providers. We usually provide you with a detailed statement to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. The amount reimbursed is decided by your insurance company.
Insurances we work with: 
-United Healthcare
-United Healthcare Shared Services
-Harvard Pilgrim
-United Healthcare Student Resources
-All Savers (UHC)

-Allied Benefit Systems
-Christian Brothers Services

Sorry but at this moment, we do not accept Medicare or Medicaid 


About Confidentiality


The Psychoanalytic Group is committed in keeping your right to privacy. The information of each patient is protected under the ethics laws that govern our profession as Mental Health Counselors in the state of Florida referring to the obligation to maintain it under strict confidentiality. No information about the patients or their families will be given to any other person (for example, another professional, professor, etc.) except if the patient agrees through written permission and it is signed by him or her in a "Disclose of Information" form.


1. There are some exceptional circumstances to the confidentiality rules to which all mental health professionals adhere to by law, in which we are required to reveal information about the patient or their families outside of our Group:   


 - If you or your family (children) are in danger or put other persons or yourself in physical danger.   

 - If you or your family (children) reveal that there was or is a possible physical or sexual abuse situation. 

 - If you or your family reveal abuse by another professional. 

 - If the Court through the Judge imposes a subpoena to the clinical history of the patient.


2. If you want to use your health insurance, the insurance usually needs certain information about the patient that the professional has to provide, such as personal information, diagnosis, etc.


3. In certain situations, the professionals at PG can deem it necessary to exchange opinions between each other about a patient's situation, criteria for the treatment, diagnosis, etc., that they can use to provide a better treatment. In such a case, any personal information that can identify the patient or their environment is omitted, as we will adhere exclusively to clinical information.


All of this information is given to the patient and discussed with each patient personally at the beginning of the treatment with the professional in charge. If you need more information, please contact the Miami Psychoanalytic Group.